Introducing Trek Toronto Triathlon Team

It may seem like a contradiction that fierce competitors, ignited by the fire of their own power, committed to doing whatever it takes to achieve their highest potential, fearless in the face of enormous sacrifice, and utterly determined in unshakable focus, happen also to be kind, compassionate, generous, extremely bright, sagacious, hilariously funny, and down to earth, but such is the case with the my wonderful teammates on TREK’s new Triathlon Team! It’s a team that exemplifies the far-reaching applicability of sport beyond the athletic sphere into the corporate worlds of investment banking and fatherhood (as in the case of Mike Greenberg), into the world of engineering (as in the case of Mike Medeiros), into the entrepreneurial realm as it does with Ayesha Rollinson, and into the domain of art and teaching as it does for me. Furthermore, this kind of comprehensive, holistic integration also characterizes the form, function, innovation, and economy of Trek’s bikes—it’s a fantastic match. We are all thrilled to be part of this team and are excited for the race season to begin! Stay tuned for news and pictures of our new rides—coming soon!

In the meantime, enjoy the Toronto International Bike Show this weekend at Better Living Centre (Exhibition Place in Toronto).

 Happy riding,


Ayesha, (Jenn Eberman), Suzanne at the inaugural TO Women’s Only Half Marathon


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