Life Training Balance

As a coach and pro athlete I get a lot of questions about life-training balance. My usual response is a question back about priorities.  What is your biggest priority right now?  What can’t you get off your mind?  What is your biggest priority this month?  What are your yearly goals (which should include something in each of the following categories work, competition, family, friends).

Today is one of those ‘work-life priority’ days for me and unfortunately training is getting pushed aside.  I know this is okay, because it happens only rarely that I skip training sessions.  Honestly,  I probably don’t rest enough as it is, so one day off will do my body good.  Even on off days, I try to make sure my pulse gets up over 100 for at least 30 minutes, so I took the electric bike into town.  I love my new electric bike (no, it is not a scooter, it is a real Trek bike with a real bike frame and real gears, etc) because it helps me spin-out my legs and recover from my hard workouts while going 30kms and hour 😉  Good times.  If only it was that easy in a race…



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