3hrs is a long time

Hi it’s Mike M here. I went on my longest run of the year today 3hrs…… I’m preparing for a Marathon in the Spring, but I’m not sure which one yet. I guess I have to decide soon. I’m thinking about either the Mississauga or Goodlife Toronto Marathon (now in the Spring which is nice). I’ve done the Toronto Marathon once before, my first ever and at that time I swore it would be my last. Alas the memory of the pain soon faded and I’ve since run a few more.  I hope Mr. Ford doesn’t force the Toronto Marathon to be in High Park as he mentioned in his election campain or that would make me dizzy. During my long run I tried Hammer’s Sustained Energy, Unflavoured, and I liked the product. It dissolved well and had a mild taste slightly sweet, but nothing like Gatorade or other electrolyte drinks I’ve had. I had no problems drinking it and I didn’t have any cramping or digestive issues. I even had a bit of energy left at the end of the run which might have been due to Sustained Energy, but who can be sure. I’m going to continue to try to use the product and in my long workouts and keep you posted on how it goes, but so far so good.

Mike M.


One response to “3hrs is a long time

  1. Ps – I joined Mike for the last 90 minutes of his run and he kicked my butt around the block. Someone is a bit fitter than he is leading on.

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