Gary and the Angels

Finding good training partners is key to any successful training plan.  I was struggling in January due to my lack of training partners.  I was coaching until 9 or 10 every night, so I wasn’t able to get up for Varsity swim workout; and my second (and/or third) workout of the day always had to be done before 5:30 PM.  Most normal triathletes train in the early AM or PM – exactly when I COULDN’T.  After a little breakdown in January, I pulled up the bootstraps (note; elastic laces) and decided to find some good training partners (and work to their schedule as much as I could). 

Since Jan I have been regularly training with ‘Gary from the Y’.  He is this amazing long distance swimmer who is always up for whatever workout I have up my sleeve (this type of compliance is part of a winning training partnership 😉  ).  He has his first race of the year in about 10 days – a 10km open water race!  Needless to say our training has been slightly different this week so I have been a bit lonely in the water, but that is made up for with my excitement for his race.

I have also sucked it up and tried to incorporate some hard run interval sessions with Nicole Stevenson’s ‘Angels’ for the last couple of weeks.  It is amazing to have such a fast group of girls to train with.  They push me all the way AND are great company.  I will be honest with you – most elite women have to train with men in order to find people that can match their speed and challenge them.  This is NOT the case with Nic’s Angels.  It is a blessing to have this group of strong, fast, smart, successful women to work with in Toronto.

My first race is this weekend. I will be running the Canadian Running Series race – Harry’s Spring Run-off.  This is a notoriously HARD race.  I am both looking forward and dreading it.  Just sayin’.


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