Today was the annual Harry’s Spring Run Off 8km in High Park. The race course is notoriously difficult  and the field is always stacked. Today was no exception and our own super speedy Ayesha was 9th in a time that bodes incredibly well for her race season. Way to go Ayesha!

 Today also marked the first Lake Wilcox ride of the year and what a ride it was–120km into the wind that seemed to turn just as we did. It’s a good thing we had Tara Norton and hockey player turned triathlete Eric Thomson to take the brunt of it. Apparently that was good training for the winds of Kona that I’ll be facing in 2 weeks. I can’t wait to train on the Big Island!

 In addition to getting to ride my amazing new Speed Concept on a beautiful day, I also got to witness the Iranian festival of Sizdeh Bedar that was being celebrated by hundreds of very joyous picnickers at Lake Wilcox. Before today I didn’t know anything about the holiday which marks the last day of the thirteen-day Persian New Year holidays.  I love the diversity of this city and the fact that getting out on my bike happens also to broaden my cultural awareness. Happy New Year to Toronto’s Iranian community!


The team in front of the store on a windy afternoon


2 responses to “Windswept

  1. It is so true how triathlon can lead to much deeper knowledge than how to swim, bike and run. Thanks for your wee report Suzanne! Bring on the wind in Kona 🙂
    BIG congrats to the speedy Ayesha!!
    Keep the posts coming Team Trek!

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