Trek Women Wine and Cheese this Saturday

Hope that got your attention.  This is the third year that I will be running (this year I am co-running  with Suzanne!) the Trek Women club out of the Trek Toronto Store and our kickoff starts with a Wine and Cheese this Saturday.  If you want to sign up for the set of 4 clinics this summer, come out to the store from 6-7 PM SAturday the 9th.  If you can’t make it out for the kickoff, then just call or email the store.  All the details can be found at

I used to completely disregard all things that were ‘Women’s Only’.  I thought it was ridiculous that women should have exclusive events.  I have trained my whole life with men and I thought that everyone else should as well.  How else would one get better?  How else could we really declare equality between the sexes?  This firm, and often pronounced, stance had never actually been tested by partaking in a Women’s Only event. Isn’t this often the case with black/white opinions like this?

My way of thinking did a complete 180 after taking part in the first Women’s Only Toronto 1/2 Marathon.  It was  at this point that I realized that 99% of women do not approach or participate in sport the way I do.  Most women are actually motivated by participating, by their social circle and by the community that the event creates;  NOT by racing their buddies and winning, like a lot of men  are (disclaimer: I am female (arguably with 1/8 of an internal teste) and I like racing my friends and I am sure that there are many men who like the community and participatory part more).  For many women the goal event and the workouts are a means, not the be-all-and-end-all (Example of my be-all mindset: There have been plenty of events, especially when I was young that tears flowed freely after losing a race or not making a qualifying time). 

The Women’s Only half event made me realize that although it is important to seek equality in most aspects of life,  room  for segregated events and groups that cater to the motivations and needs of a specific demographic (like male/female). 

This is one of the reasons I am such an advocate for the Trek Women (or any other group like this) because it takes the competitive and sometimes intimidating nature out of the learning and participatory sport environment.  I love this group because no women gets left behind, no question goes unanswered and we learn from each other.

Hope to see you out on Saturday 🙂

A. K. R.


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