Training the Brain vs. Training the Body

My workouts have suffered for the last week as I was cramming for an exam, High Voltage Engineering. I know 99.9% of the population will have no idea what a course on High Voltage Engineering entails, but don’t worry I wont bore you with the details.  The point is that for the last few weeks, I have been honing and developing my most important muscle, my brain,  in preparation not for a race but at test.

Taking an exam can kind of feel like running a race, there is always some anxiety leading up the event culminating to a high right before the event when  you finally see the test or the horn blows. Once an exam starts I find my nervousness evapourates and I am focused like a laser on the task at hand. This is similar to the way I feel in a race when the horn finally blows and my race day anxiety disappears. Finally, when it is all over a release, and fortunately for me, this time a positive feeling of a job well done and a good passing grade, I hope… And the similarities don’t stop there, both racing and exams require long months of preparation and training and it all culminates into a few hours where it is do or die. I could go on and on, but I wont as I think you get the picture.

Most people (myself included), will often pin their whole self worth on their performance on one single day, buy we  shouldn’t, as we very rarely live up to our expectations and are setting ourselves up for disappointment.  Instead we should be enjoying the training and the learing that comes with preparing for the event. When preparing for an exam, the learning and enlightenment that you feel when you’ve grasp a new concept. When preparing for a race, the feeling having a great workout or mastering a new skill.

When training the brain or the body don’t forget to enjoy the training, it makes the test day less stressful by taking some the of emphasis off of it. After all, a race often represent less than 1% of the time and effort that we put into the sport we love, so lets not forget to enjoy the other 99%.

Mike M


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