“A Clean Well-Lighted Place”

Ernest Hemingway’s 1926 short story “A Clean Well-Lighted Place” is one of my favorites, but this post is not about Hemingway, rather, I borrow his title to describe the incredible mechanic’s workshop in the basement of the Trek store. That place is amazing!  I’ve never seen such a spotless workshop. It has the solemnity of an artist’s studio and it’s an organizationally obsessed cyclist’s heaven…with perfectly labeled, neat and tidy, categorized compartments, and several clean, distinct work stations. It most definitely appeals to my (obsessive?) aesthetic appreciation for order. I spent some time down there yesterday with one of Trek’s super mechanics, Taylor, who gave me a full tutorial on packing up my Speed Concept to fit most efficiently in my bike box. He also hooked me up with a 27 cogset so I can power up the climbs in Kona this weekend! Thank you Barry and Taylor.

After an epic essay grading extravaganza that marked the end of the semester, I am headed to Tara Norton’s Epic Women’s Training Camp in Kona. My Speed Concept and I will be scaling volcanoes. I will also be racing my first ever official time trial…it will be after 6 days of 6-8 hours of training, but hey, it’ll be character building.


Hemingway not riding but boxing


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