To Swim or Not to Swim?

Yesterday I swam in the All Out Swim Meet. It is the second time I participated in this event and it was a fun event with lots of positive energy. The meet is very well run and held in the fantastic U of T Athletic Center 50m pool. This is only my second time ever competing in a swim meet and I’d recommend it for any triathlete who for which swimming has come later in life like my self, I’ve only really started swimming 2 years ago. This year I had a new pb and crushed my 100m heat.

The really great thing about swim meets is that no matter how fast or slow you are you usually have someone to push you in your race because heats are grouped according to your expected race time. In my case this usually has me racing with a variety of people. Anyone from relatively young men like myself to middle aged women not much younger than my mom’s age. This year my mom was in the audience watching me and it felt kind of strange having my mom cheer on her son to beat a women not much younger than her.

I’d never say I was a great runner or biker, but I’m definitely not a great swimmer and swimming exemplifies why I compete and why most age group triathletes compete. It is not about trying to be at the top of the world or even the top of the age group, it’s about trying to better yourself. But don’t get me wrong when that 50 year women in the lane beside me was just ahead coming down the stretch in the hundred, I had no qualms about laying it down and smoking past her to reach the wall first. In any race or training session there definitely if some competition going on with others, but the only important one is with yourself.


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