We all have limitations.  No one is perfect.  The one who wins is not necessarily the fastest, most genetically gifted, the best coached or the best supported.  It is the person who deals with the hand they are given better than everyone else does on the day. This is ESPECIALLY TRUE in the sport of triathlon.  Anything can happen.

Know thyself and train yourself to deal with both your limitations.  Train yourself to deal with all possible situations and I promise you will come out on top of people who train their strengths in ideal situations.

Train into the wind.  Train with your goggles full of water.  Train up hill.  Train in the heat.  Know how to change a tire. Know how to grab aid station bottles.  Know how to corner. Practice and prepare better than everyone else for your race and you will beat people who have more mitochondria than you 🙂

Train hard. Train smart.



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