Sleep Deprived

I ripped this picture off the Sporting Life website. You can kind of see about a third of my head, highlighted by the red circle. It was a great race as always with over 12,000 participants. I ran surprisingly fast, a PB for me, considering I haven’t been doing much speed work lately as I’ve been training for the Mississauga Marathon in May.

 I stayed up until1amwatching GSP fight in TOs first UFC ever and had to get up at6amfor the early race start. GSP didn’t have his best performance ever, not a PB for him, but he did manage to win the decision. On top of that, I spent the night tossing and turning dreaming about UFC fighting and thinking STOP the FIGHT, I was getting pummeled in my dreams. I know what you’re thinking. You only got 5 hrs sleep before your race, not very responsible. I know, but the prevailing thought is that it is your sleep 2 nights before that is most important and I slept about 9-10 hrs on Friday night. I guess my PB today is some anecdotal evidence for that theory.

Often we can’t sleep the night before a big race, because we are wound up or haven’t changed are sleeping habits to allow us to get to sleep early enough to get a good night’s sleep for the early race start. Don’t worry just focus on getting good sleep the night before and you should be ready to set a PB on race day. Of course, if you can get adequate sleep the night before I’m sure it won’t hurt and it will make the post race part of your day more enjoyable. I’m exhausted now and will be heading to bed soon.

Good night.

Mike M.


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