Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones

But concrete won’t hurt me. I crashed my electric commuter bike last week. I was a bloody mess at the time, but I seem to be healing well. Swimming is painful because the muscles in my right forearm are still all twisted and tight.

How did I crash, you ask? By being an idiot.

I have a loose rule never to sling bags on the handlebars of my bike. That is a very dangerous thing to do because the bag can easily swing and hit or get caught in the front wheel. I bought some Asics runners for my dad on my way to coach on Thursday. I am used to my itty-bitty size 7.5 shoes fitting into my backpack or panier bags. My dad has size 12 feet and they certainly did NOT.

Onto my handlebars the shoes went. I was careful at first knowing the danger I was putting myself in. Once I realized I needed to hurry I was less cautious. And this is when I found myself in twisted pile on the concrete, wimpering, bleeding and shaking.

I had to cancel swim practice and I had to call Mike to come ‘pick me up out of the ditch’.


But I am healing well – here is the image of my arm post swim:


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