Kelowna visit

Last weekend we took one final run with the sunny and inspiring and remarkable Danny Kassap as we said goodbye to a legend. We will miss him and his beautiful smile immensely, but certainly his warmth and his spirit will live on in this community. Workouts in Mount Pleasant Cemetery will now be accompanied by some extra running magic and we will get to pay Danny a visit every time.

This past week though, I was in Kelowna where I stayed right on the beautiful Lake Okanagan.

I was there doing some work at UBC O and so didn’t get a chance to bring along my Speed Concept—though climbing up Knox Mountain sure would have been great prep for Lake Placid. I do have to say though, being out there got me even more intrigued by Ironman Canada than I’ve ever been as Penticton is just down the road. I did manage a 2 hour trail run up Mission Creek at 5:00 am (because I was on Toronto time) which was lovely and rustic. It was only after watching the clouds lift off the imposing mountain range and feeling the sleepy, disoriented fog unstick my eyes that I thought about the fact that maybe I shouldn’t have been out there all alone (with, as I learned after…the bears). Gulp. Fortunately I had no encounters. And, of course, as triathletes do, I found the only 50 m pool in the area to swim in too. Though I have to say I did miss having Mike G there for a Friday morning swim (which we often do at UofT)– even if I am always late…it’s always fun to try desperately to swim on his feet!

Mission Creek Trail runs along this

Ayesha and I will be doing our first half marathon of the season at the end of the month the (Toronto Women’s Only Half), and I’m soooo looking forward to running with her. It was at the inaugural one 2 years ago that I first realized how much I love running with Ayesh. Damn that girl is tough! After the race, Ayesh and I will be leading a Trek women’s only bike skills training session. Call the store to sign up and come out to join us! We’d love to have you!

This morning many of Coach Nicole Stevenson’s Angels (as we are known), will race the Goodlife Toronto Marathon and Half, and so I want to shout out to Kat Lee, Jane Cullis, and Jenn Eberman who are all going to kick some butt!! Also, CONGRATS to Coach Norton who came in 2nd yesterday at Leadman in Las Vegas which included a 5km swim and a 223km ride!!



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