Sub 3:00:03?

I ran the Mississauga Marathon this weekend and was just shy of the ever elusive sub 3hr mark. I ran a 3:00:03 a new PB, but not sub 3. The result definitely filled me with disappointment, all that training and effort I’d put and I’d fallen just short.

The race day weather was cold, wet and windy. I felt fine when I started the race and was cruising along on pace to finish in 2:55, my goal time, but right after I passed the half way mark my calf started to twinge. I was in good shape going into the race maybe to good, because I think I pushed a bit too hard on my 10k race the other week and I wasn’t fully recovered. In the past, I’ve experienced some severe cramping that has forced me to slow up, but I was surprised at how early it was. I still had a long, long way to go to finish the race. So I went into survival mode and slowed up. I change the focus of my race to shoot for a sub 3 hours. It seemed to work and the calf never really cramped up, but only threatened to from time to time. I was just a bit off on the and cut too close and saw that clock tick over 3 hrs as I sprinted for the finish, or what felt like a sprint, I did just run a marathon after all.

After feeling sorry for myself for a while I reflected on what sub 3 meant. Isn’t it just a number? Didn’t I just run a PB and make the best of a less than ideal situation? Sub 3 doesn’t really mean anything, yet something about us just loves focusing on round numbers, ie the 4 minute mile. If you focus on the numbers you’ll never be happy, instead try to focus on your effort and what you achieved and on great support you’ve received. It made me feel better.

A special thanks to Ayesha for pushing hard over the last few kms, my greatest fan.

Mike M.


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