2 degrees of separation

After getting my bike all sexied up last week I headed up to the studio of James Ramsey to get some shots taken for the July edition of Triathlon Magazine Canada. Not to be outdone (my bike is faster than I am, but does it have to be better looking too?), I also got prettied up by miss Aniya Nandy http://www.plutinogroup.com/#/artists/makeup_hair/aniya-nandy

Me and my 1/8 of an internal teste spend most of the time with goggle rings, wet hair and chlorine parched skin, so it was nice to be all dolled up for the day. Turned out that not only was James, the photographer, cycling budies with one of my athletes, the producer on set had just come back from Boston (ie the marathon) and Aniya was running her first half in Mississauga on the weekend! As a triathlete, there are usually less than 2 degrees…

As it happened, as I was jogging out to the 10km mark to run Mike in (as I had done in Boston and New York) during his race on Sunday I heard my name. I saw Aniya busting it though the last 2kms – on track to be under her goal time. I decided to run her in instead of heading out to meet Mike. It was a great experience running with her during her first half :). But, I got a lot of flack from Mike for only meeting him at 4km out (read his post below and you will see why). After seeing his time of 1:27 and change at the half, I honestly thought he wasn’t going to need my help. I actually thought that I might not be able to stay with him and then he would be at the finish, alone, freezing, not being able to get into the car. Hence the decision to only do 4kms with him.

It has a really busy couple of weeks with family visits, birthdays, marathons, organic chemistry exams, photoshoots, and oh, yeah, training :). Looking forward to a quiet couple of weekends with home time and training hours.

Here are some photos of the healing process
Last Sat:

Today – 2 weeks later



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