It’s Nice to Not Have to Run

I’ve really enjoyed my week off after my marathon last weekend. Truth be told, I was starting to lose my motivation to do 3hr runs on the weekend. It was really nice not to have to run and just to do what I felt like, which just happened to be swimming and biking. Mostly because my legs allowed it and I’d been neglecting these aspects of my tri training leading up to the marathon. That’s why I love the sport of triathlon, if you are tired of one sport or need a break from it because of injuries or fatigue, there are always 2 others to choose from.

Speaking of triathlon, this weekend is the Kids of Steel Annual C3 Kinetico Triathlon on May 29th. This is a great triathlon for kids with kids as young as 3 participating (don’t worry they wear life jackets). And don’t expect to see a miniature Trek tri bike, they ride tricycles. Our greatest triathlete, Simon Whitfield, got his start in the Kids of Steel races. Mike G and I will be volunteering at the race and it promises to be loads of fun. More details can be found at

Have a great rest of the long weekend, hopefully the rain holds off.

Mike M.


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