Toronto Half Race Report

I am a little slow getting an update posted from my race last weekend, I’ll blame it on still having trouble walking down the stairs! I did my first half-marathon (outside a triathlon) and somewhat enjoyed it. I still think I prefer to do in within a triathlon where you have a nice swim and bike to warm-up with first.

I ran 1:20:54 and like Mike M who just missed the 3hr barrier for his marathon, I missed the sub 1:20 by just a little! All in all still pretty happy with it given the time of year and the weather on the day. Now if I could only run that split at Muskoka 70.3 in the fall….

Looking forward to the 11th Annual Kinetic Caledon Kids of Steel Triathlon next Sunday. Mike M and I are keen on dominated the 9-10yr old category. We are in for a good shot at the win I think! Actually we’ll be representing the Trek Store as volunteers so that should be a blast. If you are free come check it out, seeing 1000 kids race and give their all is great to see. Race info:

We’ll see you there and maybe the sun too,

Mike G.


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