The couple that trains together stays together

There are two very precious moments in my day – dinner with Mike (we rarely eat separately) and training with Mike. What about sleep you ask? Well, I actually don’t like sleeping. Never have. I feel like it is a waste of time. I only do it because I run into door frames and such otherwise.

As Mike becomes a faster biker and runner and as our race plans diverge, it is sometimes hard to train together. For now I still kick his butt in the pool, so swimming together isn’t an option either. I really appreciate the times we can workout side by each. Last Saturday we rode our his and hers Concepts (ahhh, how cute) outside together for the first time this year. We only rode for 1 hour (as opposed to Suzanne’s 5!! see previous post) because Mike was still feeling the marathon in his legs and my arm kept spasming when I tried to change gears ( Dr. Bill from Urban thinks that my Radius is jammed. I still can’t get my arm to bend or straighten fully). I know that it will be rare for us to ride “together” this summer so I was lucky to be out with him last Sat.

I don’t usually talk about equipment, but I feel compelled to mention the new shoes I am trying out. Before I launch into this review, I need to say that I am not sponsored or endorsed by Bontrager. I have no allegiances to a brand of shoes, shorts, components, etc. The Speed Concepts do come with Bontrager and SRAM paraphernalia, but that is all I get in terms of stuff from them. I wore the Bontrager WSD RXL Hilo Shoe and they were the COMFY-EST shoes ever. Of the shelf I wasn’t sure if I was going to like them – they felt too small even though I am definitely a 38. They also have this strange “e-Sole” in them. But they felt like a glove once in the pedals. The strange “e-Sole” turned out to be amazing. I haven’t ever had cushioned support in a biking shoe before. Amazingly, the e-Sole thingy was rigid in all the right places.

All this being said, maybe I am just on a high from not biking in old stinky shoes. My judgement does get clouded sometimes when I smell nice (note: neutral) things. My dream when all this triathloning stuff is done (if it is ever done) is to smell like my grade 5 teacher instead of like construction-worker-underarms, dirty running socks and chlorine.

The one thing I do not like about the Hilos is the stupid ‘triathlon tab” at the heel. The person who designed this has obviously never done a high speed transition in a triathlon. Hello, Mister Designer, where do I loop the elastic so as to keep my shoes out of the dirt in transition? Also, I am really nervous about the strap design. But this needs to be tested in the field (doing transitions) before I can comment. For now, this are the best shoes I have worn. I used to be Shimano girl, but no longer.



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