Lots fun, but not much training

The race season is here (almost all my athletes and the rest of the Trek Toronto Team are racing this weekend!) and I am far from ready. I made a decision to rejig some of my time allocations and won’t be racing much this summer, unfortunately. I love racing, but I need to be realistic with my goals, time and money. Since Mike and I moved out to the West end of Toronto and my coaching business has ramped beyond belief, I have decided not to dedicate the time to put in 14-17 hours a week. I am barely scraping by with 10 at the moment (less than most of the athletes I coach!).

What I am finding interesting is that my base fitness seems to be well maintained. Getting in 3-4 bike rides (lots of commuting) has kept my aerobic -threshold abilities intact as measured by field tests. My swimming is off, but I am down to 12kms per week instead of my usual 15 ++. Running is down significantly as I just doing base runs.

I hope to ramp the hours up so that I will be ready to race at the end of the summer, but if I am not, I know that I will be okay with it.

There is a time in everyone’s life where time needs to be reallocated and this is one of them for me. Just because I won’t be out on the course, it doesn’t mean that I am not cheering for you all!

Here are some pics of the other life stuff that I have been up to.

Taking a tour of a 1940s art deco water treatment plant in Toronto. Gorgeous! (Not me, the building)

Happy racing,


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