You’re Never Too Young

Mike G handing out a medal in Caledon

Mike M handing out a medal at Caledon

Setting an example for your kids is one thing, but having your kids set example for you is an entirely other thing. Last weekend Mike G and I volunteered at the Kids of Steel Race in Caledon. I started out the day by directing traffic in the parking lot and thought I was in for a long, long day, but thankfully Mike G called me over to help out with giving metals to the kids as they crossed the finish line. For most of these little kids, some as young as 3, if you can believe it, were competing in their first triathlon. Heck for some of them, this could have been the first time they’d ever competed in anything.

Now let me tell you seeing a 4 year old splash the width of a pool, then ride around on a tricycle, followed by a wobbly stagger over the finish line with there helmet’s still on (a necessity for some of the more equilibrium deficient youngsters) is a memorable moment to say the least. At the end of the race each kid received a metal from me or Mike and toy, what a great day for a kid!

For the youngest kids, winning was definitely beyond comprehension and the joy of being active is all that propelled forward. For most of us the shear joy that comes with the feeling of physical exertion and motion is really at root of triathlon. I’ve got to think to myself that these kids are fortunate to have taken a big step towards making physical activity a part of there lives and reaping the benefits for a lifetime. In an age of increased sedentary lifestyles, at work and at play, the Kids of Steel program is definitely a pull, push and step in the right direction for the youth of today.

Mike M.


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