Milton Tri

We’ll the two Mike’s raced the Milton tri this weekend. Mike M had a great showing and looked good out there in the new Trek kit. For those that didn’t see Mike race last year his race outfit was….hmmm….how to say this, pretty bad. Ayesha please tell me you have a picture you can post? Picture a Speedo that should have been replaced years ago!!! Anyway with little tri specific training he kicked some butt!
Me (Mike G) on the other had had a good race going until a puncture which ended all chances of glory. I knew my tubulars were getting old and should be replaced but I was lazy. Trek Store I will be in this week to buy a new set for the race wheels…
All in all a great day, perfect weather and good to see all the faces from last year. Looking forward to the next race in two weeks in Guelph.
Happy training,
Mike G…


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