Mike M vs The Fury

Mike M has never beaten me in a triathlon. Not in a sprint, not in a half iron distance. He has almost always out biked me, but he can’t make up the gap from the swim and he has struggled to match my off-the-bike run.

We are going head to head this weekend in the Welland 1/2 ironman. And folks, this might bbe the one where he takes me down.

I will not go easily and will fight like a wolf, but you may want to place your bets now.
If he beats me it may not be the happy couple scene it usually is post race.

Mike makes me wear my helmet around town.


4 responses to “Mike M vs The Fury

  1. I with “Team Ayesha” for the Welland smack-down!!! See you there.

  2. Sorry Ayesha, but I’m feeling Team Mike on this one! I’ll be there at the finish, good luck!

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