Fireman Ironman Training Camp

While Mike G was gutting it out in Guelph, I was putting in some long hours on the roads in Placid. Coach Tara and I were there to be part of the really wonderful training camp put on by Larry Parker and Ted Tierney and backed by Matt Long’s I WILL FOUNDATION (check out his amazing book and remarkable tale of survival and inspiration: We were so lucky to stay at Matty’s gorgeous home on Mirror Lake–right on the bike course! Casa Long was filled with incredible athletes and a synergy of wonderful people including a long-time hero of mine, Ironman World Champion Karen Smyers who was training and giving a talk at the camp. Here she is with Director Larry and coach Tara

For whatever reason it always rains during long rides in Placid, but we were blessed with perfect weather the whole time! This allowed me to conquer my reservations about the 7 mile descent at the beginning of the course. I think the course is fantastic–challenging and well, long….really, really long, but great. Did I mention that 180km is long?? It’s even longer when you’re going super fast trying to stay on Tara’s wheel…here’s myself and the beautiful Jacqui Gordon climbing behind Tara:

After a 7 plus hour training day on Friday which consisted of riding the Ironman course, running off the bike and swimming one loop of Mirror Lake, Saturday included another gorgeous 6:00 AM swim in the lake, followed by a single loop of the bike course (90km), and an intense 8 mile climb up Whiteface…just your average ski hill:) AMAZING to see the clouds a good 500m below us from the top. It was spectacular.

Here’s a look at Whiteface Mountain:


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