Advanced Transitions, Practice You’re Flying Mounts!

Ok this is last minute plug for the advanced transition clinic Ayesha and I will be hosting tomorrow evening at 7pm at the Trek Bicycle Store. A couple of weeks Ayesha and I did the Welland ½. I know I didn’t write a race report, but I was on vacation for most of the week and Suzanne and Ayesha did a more than adequate job.

My race report in a nutshell. The swim was great (first time using the Hurricane). The bike was fast 38km average speed. The run was pure pain. I stopped to walk out quad cramps after 1 km, the rest of the run was me counting down the ks as Ayesha closed the gap. I also had to poo in the grass and went off course due to delirium (the course was well marked).

Ayesha’s transitions T1 and T2 totaled 1:53, my transitions totaled 1:45. The difference was 8 seconds. The funny thing is that I ended up beating Ayesha for the first time ever, by 8 seconds! So you see the transitions do matter, even in a ½ Ironman.

I did a quick analysis of the transition times at Welland, see the histogram below. I know I’m a nerd, 2 masters degrees of Engineering are finally coming in handy. Seconds are on the x-axis and number of people on the y-axis. The bars indicate the number of people in each 60s interval.

The average time for T1 was 157 seconds with a min of 42 and a max of 459.
The average time for T2 was 134 with a min of 44 and a max of 639.

Suffice to say that most people could take 2-3 minutes off there time by simply perfecting their transitions and it’s a lot easier to take 2-3 minutes off your transition than off the run. I hope I’ve convinced you to come out to our transition clinic tomorrow, details below.

Advanced Transition Clinic:
Monday July 4, 2011 at 7pm to 8pm
Trek Bicycle Store of Toronto, 2063 Yonge Street.
This clinic will share with you the tricks that the top athletes use to take seconds off their transition time. You’ll learn how to do a flying mount from the swim to bike and how to get out of your bike shoes on the bike and get off running. You will need your bike, helmet and bike shoes for this one as there is a hands on practice portion.

Please register with Mike for the advanced transition clinic next Monday July 4th.

Mike M.


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