Transition Success!

The clinic was a big success. Though it felt more like a women who ride clinic than an advanced triathlon transition clinic, come on guys where were you? In any event, the girls and I had fun. The clinic focused on hands on practice and everyone had lots of opportunity to practice their flying mounts and running dismounts. I’m proud and impressed by all those that attended. By the end of the hour everyone really was getting the hang of it. Best mount goes to Dona who was a natural. Most determined goes to Jess, who despite some near falls persevered and eventually started to get the hang of it. To my students, all the best trying out your new skills at your next Tri. I really did enjoyed doing the clinic with Ayesha and honed my own skills in the process.

Next I’m thinking about organizing some morning long bikes followed by a short run north of TO, possibly starting from Lake Wilcox. Stay tuned and let me know if you’re interested by leaving a comment.

Mike M.


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