Busy 2 weeks

Where to start. After our epic dual and 8 second split in Welland Mike and I decided to reconcile any rifts from the race by taking a nice v-a-c-a-t-i-o-n to Sandbanks provincial park. Our vacations usually include lots of exploring, running, and situps. We added campfire burger making, swimming, wine tasting and small-town Ontario shopping to this one. Here is the proof of our activities.

I took the sunglasses off for the actual swimming part.

More proof that our vacations are acti-cations: Mike even did the campfire making in his running stuff (yes, he runs in his biking jerseys. This is a passionate debate topic of his. Ask him about it sometime).

When we got back we hopped back on our bikes and I was off to host the third Trek Women road clinic. A small group was out to practice group riding skills Great progress was made by all regardless of numbers.

Monday was the transition clinic (see Mike’s post below) which was a huge success! One of the women who attended used her new transition skills to place third at the 70.3 Rhode Island this past weekend. Congrats Jess!

This past weekend I hosted the ‘end-of-year’ get together for my swim club at Woodbine beach. Cold water and a HOT beach (in more ways than temperature) made for a great event. And a whole new facefull of freckles. Awesome.

A busy two weeks has also been very fruitful in the training department. Lots of miles running, biking and swimming. I have even found time to get to gym! With all this training maybe I should find an A race this summer…


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