Peterborough Tri

Hey Everyone,
Just got back from a week vacation at a cottage up in the Kawarthas after a pretty tough race in Peterborough last Sunday. The cottage was great and a great recovery after the half-Ironman.
About 90% of the race went pretty well. Sat in on a pack in the swim with not too much effort and started the bike in third after a great transition, check out the splits (thanks Mike M and Ayesha for the tips!).
I’ve never ridden that course before and it was great. Excellent pavement and nice rolling hills with minimal wind, the SpeedConcept was awesome. Felt pretty smooth on the bike and tried to conserve as I knew the run would be hot and hard.
I think I came off the bike in about 8-9th and had a pretty strong first 13k of the run and was getting close to 5-6th on the road. But then…..boom. Starting feeling a little light-headed and by 14k knew I was in trouble. Had to walk the hills, the water stations and most of km 19. I think I may not have taken enough on the bike as far as Hammer Gels and Sustained Energy. A third water bottle would have been wise. Live and learn.
All in all a pretty fun race and looking for some redemption in Muskoka in September! Happy training everyone,
Mike G…


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