Ironman Lake Placid Race Report

Ok, I’m officially hooked on the long stuff! My first IM was both amazing and really, really hard! The day started out at 3:45 when my alarm went off. I wasn’t sleeping terribly deeply given the nerves of racing my first Ironman in a few hours.

I knew officials were going to make the call on whether the Pros could wear wetsuits or not by about 5:30 in the morning. I was a little uneasy about that given my experience of going hypothermic in the non-wetsuit swim at Rev 3 Quassy this year. That was certainly something I wanted to avoid. But, when the non-wetsuit call was officially made, I had the confidence of knowing that I did have my new TYR Torque speedsuit (thanks to Ayesha!) that would give me a huge boost in the water. I put on 2 swim caps, lathered myself with Vaseline, and off I went to the beach. The Torque is now my new swim BFF. I LOVED IT! Thanks so much Brian—TYR’s support is invaluable!

Right off the gun I got on Marie Danais’s feet and felt relaxed, comfortable, and fully aware of the difference in pacing from a half to a full IM. I though how great the swim felt in comparison. This lasted until about 3.5km at which point it started to feel harder, but by that time I had caught up to the slightly faster feet of the lovely and quick Amber Fierra.

My Speed Concept helped me ride to 4th place off the bike. Thanks Barry! I LOVED THE RIDE and am pretty sure I smiled the whole 180km. I even loved the decent/s that had made me so nervous before race day. The crowds were so encouraging, supportive, and nice and loud! Also, it’s always motivating to have a media motorcycle riding beside you…which certainly helped me push a little harder. Having not one, but 2 coaches out there on the course was outstanding. Thanks to Tara Norton for her relentless patience with me all week, and to Nicole Stevenson for being everywhere at once on the run.

The run too felt outstanding until mile 4…and then everything from my hips down just shut right off. I mean actually off. I shuffled for 22 more miles but managed a 6th place finish. It was amazing seeing Canadian Heather Wurtele set a new course record and look so at ease doing it! In fact all the pro women were so inspiring out there.

Remarkably, I’m feeling really good post IM…perhaps because I’ve soaked in an ice bath every day since, but more likely, it’s because of my super doc Greg Lehman ( who tuned me up with ART and acupuncture religiously before I left. He’s the best.

Here’s me putting on my race numbers the night before. Race pics follow.


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