Trek Women – 2011’s final ride

Suzanne and I finished off the Trek Women clinics with some hill work. Suzanne ran (okay, biked) this one and taught the women how to climb effectively and descend with confidence. Witnessesing the clinic instead of running (for the first time in 3 years, thanks Suzanne!) was incredible. It was so inspiring to literally see the improve their climbing and descending skills in one hour. By the end the women were going to so fast – both up AND down – that it was difficult for me to take pictures. Suzanne covered all the basics and added in some pro tips that I kept my ears perked for. Not only did the women learn, but I learned as well. I found myself using Suzanne’s advice on my way home 🙂

Thanks to all the women who came out this year. It was a great group and it was a blast working with everyone. We got some great feedback and some new ideas for next year at our ‘coffee tawk’ session after the ride. If this clinic is something that interests you, let Suzanne or I know and we would be willing to put another one on in the early fall. Otherwise, get on the Trek Toronto mailing list so that you are alerted in the spring 2012 when registration opens.

Ayesha and Suzanne


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