Better Late Than Never

Relaxing at Wasaga Beach. A much deserved break after a long tri season.

I’ve completed my final tri of the 2011 season, the Multisport Wasaga Beach Olympic Tri. It was a great day with beautiful weather and sun. Unfortunately, as Ayesha has pointed out we were stuck on the 400 Hwy bet. 88 and 89 for over an hour as there was a truck fire. Surprisingly, Ayesha and I handled it really well and remained calm during the trip.

Due to the late start it was sprint to the race start with only 15 minutes to set up my transition spot, get my wetsuit on, and get to the start. My advice is that if you are in this situation the most import thing you can do is stay calm. I knew that if I missed my wave start I’d likely be able to have my time adjusted to the next race start (thanks to John Salt for adjusting it for me). The second most important thing to do is to get a spot for your bike and lay out your bike and run gear. Then make sure you have adequate water and nutrition, no use starting the race only to have to stop because you bonk. Finally, grab your swim stuff and head over to the race start. At this point you may just choose to forgo your wetsuit and save 5-10 minutes getting it on, and a possible tear that may result when you struggle with it. If you do choose to take the wetsuit, you’ll be able to familiarize yourself with the swim course while you put it on.

I made it to the start just in time to hear my wave being called… 1 min, 30seconds, go. Unfortunately, my wetsuit was only half on. I kept my cool and waited for the next wave, instead of running behind the first wave. For me it was more important to swim starting with a group and know when I had started so I could adjust my start time later. If I didn’t think my start time could be adjusted and my official time mattered to me I’d just have gone in late.

I ended up having a good race except for the run where my hydration didn’t seem to agree with me. My stomach felt like I had a downed a load of cement, so I didn’t drink any water on the run and started slow while the water in my stomach settled. I don’t like to toot my own horn and I don’t usually have a reason to toot it so this is usually not a hard rule to follow, but my bike was great at Wasaga. Actually, I’ve been biking really well all season. As a result, I won the Bike award for the top bike time in three series races, Wasaga, Bracebridge, and Welland. The Toronto Trek Store deserves a big thanks, my Trek Speed Concept has obviously been a key contributor to my biking success this season.

It’s been a great season, now to focus on swimming in the pool and running.

Mike M


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