End of Summer Blues

Me and Ayesha on our off week taking a Segway tour

Well it’s official the summer is over and Tri season in Ontario has come to an end. Now what? Taking some down time is essential to any athlete, be they elite, pro or a rookie who has just recently picked up the sport. You need to take a break to avoid burn out and going into chronic fatigue. I’d suggest taking 2 weeks off for your year end break after a key year end race or at the end of the season.

For the first week, take it completely off from exercise. Completely off, means completely off. No running or weights, or swimming. Enjoy it! Go to the movies, watch TV, go to the museum or art gallery. This also might be a good time to plan a vacation.

Then for week 2 you can start to do some easy exercise. I say exercise and not workout deliberately, because it should have no real structure to it and should only be what you feel like doing. Just do whatever you feel like doing for a few weeks. Swim or run when it suits your schedule or your friends just happen to be going for a run. Then after your second week you’ll likely start getting antsy and be itching to get back at it. This is a good sign and it means you are ready to get back into your training season again.

Having no scheduled training for a few weeks can be liberating and will invigorate you. Before you know it, you’ll be itching for a regimented schedule again and be looking forward to working toward your new race goals for next season.

Mike M.


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