Fall Running on DVP Trails

It’s been a while since our last post, but I guess it is to be expected given the end of the tri season. Ayesha and I have been doing a few cross country races this fall for fun and I thought today was a good time to update the blog, since I just managed to take her down in the last race of the season, the Provincial Championships in Guelph. I managed to stay with her the whole race and pass her at the end. I know not the most gallant thing to do, but given I was a minute back at the previous cross race in Sunnybrook I thought it was my best shot.

Now the cross country is over the weather has still been quite cooperative with anyone wanting to run on the trails. I recently went for a great run on the DVP mountain biking trails. I started from Pottery Road and Bayview. There is a parking lot on the north east each corner off of Pottery Road that you access the trails from, despite the Pottery road closure. Park there and head off into the woods exploring the well worn trails, see the map below. This weekend I went with a Ayesh and a friend( thanks for showing us Sarah) and did about a 10k run loop and it was great. There is so much to see, from the cross bike push course (I can’t believe the industriousness of the x-bike community it must have taken weeks to build this course), to the shear drops to the river below and the multimillion dollar mansions overlooking the ravine. I’d try to explain the course, but I think the best thing to do is try and explore it for yourself as the trails are well worn and even signed in spots. It is really a great place to run and if you’re brave enough you might even want to give it a try with your mountain bike.

Mike M.


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