2012 Tri Trek Toronto Events

Happy New Year! The Tri Trek Toronto Team has finally woken up from a deep hibernation over the Winter Holidays, I know sping isn’t here yet but triathletes half to start preparing early. The event schedule for 2012 has been finalized and we’ve put together a great lineup of events for 2012 courtesy of The Toronto Trek Store. This year the team members are Ayesha Rollinson, Suzanne Zelazo, Michael Medeiros, and the newbie, Katie Snowden. Katie is taking Mike Greenberg’s place who has left the team to spent more time with his family, all the best Mike.

This year we’d like to build on the success of some of last year’s events with more of a focus on new triathletes. The open water swim clinic was especially popular with well over 50 participants last year, so we decided to have 2 beginner sessions and one intermediate session in 2012. The list of events is below.

More information on each event will be posted closer to the event start date. You can sign up for the free events by adding your name to the sign up sheet under the appropriate tab (one tab for each event) at the link below. Copy and paste the link into your browser.
Space is limited in each event so the sooner you sign up the better.

You can sign up for the Trek Toronto Winter Training Camp at the link below. Copy and paste the link into your browser.
The Women’s Clinics can only be signed up at the Trek Toronto Bicycle Store.

Happy winter training.
Michael Medeiros


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