20 degrees, sunny, clear roads.  This has been the story of 2012 in Toronto.  The outdoor biking has been phenominal and I have been trying to take full advantage for all my hill and power rides.  I have been sticking to the trainer for my tempos, critical power and even my longer rides (note: long rides haven’t been over 2 hours yet. *sheepish grin*).

For the last year I have been designing and executing my own training plan and it has been going well.  My most recent power to weight is 4.25 (for Critical Power, tested at Powerwatts studio on April 14), my threshold swim speed is hovering around 1:16/100m and my critical run speed is…tbd this weekend(!). I am defni I do miss the objectivity that a personal coach provides however and I have decided ask my previous (and best) coach to see if he will take me on as I train for Ironman Cozumel.

There, I said it.  It is now out in the ether.  I will be doing an Ironman this year. 

I am not sure how this little variety junky-fast twitch fiber-over analytical-borderline ADD – girl is going to deal with the multiple 6 hour rides….but I guess that is why I will be seeking help.



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