Trek Women 2012- Skills Clinic Session #1

On Sunday afternoon, Ayesha and I had the pleasure of meeting with a group of 10 women to go over the basic anatomy of the bike, including general mechanics, tube changes, and using a CO2 cartridge. It was a wonderful learning experience for all involved and each of us rode away with increased confidence in our skills and a little more grease on our hands! The comments provided by one of the day’s participants (as seen below) truly highlight the purpose and benefit of these clinics. 

Thank you so much for yesterday’s clinic.  I learned alot and feel so much more comfortable with my bike and it’s components,  It was a very empowering session and you are so generous to offer them.  Thank you again! 
I am a commuter cyclist (and I cycle slow on the roads out of safety considerations) and didn’t feel I have the skills to be anything but.  However after I received the email about your clinics I felt encouraged.  I’ve always wanted to ride long and maybe do a triathlon but I find the logistics intimidating.  Running is so much easier to prepare for.  Presently I am looking to run my 8th marathon — hopefully that would be Venice in October with some friends of mine.
I look forward to learning more cycling skills.  Since I have only one bike I think I need to leave my accessories on them because they are very useful to me on a day to day basis but I would never consider doing a triathlon with my bike with all the baskets … I hope to one day do the Toronto Island Triathlon and see what that is like.  So much to learn before then though.
Thank you for your willingness to help improve the cycling scene for us women and to do so free of charge.  It is a real blessing.  You take the fear and apprehension away.

Remember… it’s not too late to sign up! 
Happy training,

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