Intermediate Transition Clinic Tuesday June 19th at 7pm at 2063 Yonge St.

The Transition Beginner Clinic Session was a huge success last Tuesday. Above is a pic of me and some of the enthusiastic bunch that signed up, some had already left as I was not quick enough with the photo. I think everyone had fun and learned something. The best part of the clinic was that I didn’t fall on my face demonstrating a flying mount. I haven’t done a triathlon this year, said but true, so I was kind of worried that the pressure would get to me and I might lose it, so I practiced the flying mount right before the clinic.

The next transition session clinic is this Tuesday and will give you the opportunity to practice transitions. This transition session will focus on practicing transitions onto and off the bike. You’ve heard the old saying that practice makes perfect, well it is especially true when it comes to triathlon transitions. You can’t expect to get to a race never having practiced a transition beforehand and have a good one. Just like you wouldn’t expect to have a good swim, bike or run if you never practiced before race day.

We will meet inside the Trek Bicycle Store on 2063 Yonge St. at 7pm please be on time. Then we will head over to Mount Pleasant Cemetery to practice our transitions. The clinic should last about 45 minutes. You need to bring:
The bike that you’ll be racing with
Bike shoes
Shorts and a T-shirt
An outline of the Intermediate Transition Clinic is below:
Examples of good and bad transitions and discuss them.
Tips on how to get out of the wetsuit fast!
Practice getting on (flying mount) and off the bike quickly and efficiently
The clinic is almost full, but we still have a couple of spots left so sign up by going to the link below.

Click on the teamflyer link for details on all events for 2012.



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