Fireman Ironman Training



For the second year in a row I had the great fortune of being part of the grass roots, super amazing Fireman Ironman Training Camp in Lake Placid this past weekend. The camp is the brain child of former fireman Larry Parker and former cop-turned pilot Ted Tierney. They certainly didn’t disappoint this year! Everything about the camp is unpretentious and supportive, and most importantly, geared towards making sure “the fun” of what we do as athletes stays intact. The passion for community and connectedness to each other and ourselves is felt and perpetuated whether you’re following the underwater line in Mirror Lake, or making the seemingly endless climb out of Willmington, or running your victory lap in the Olympic Oval. Fireman Ironman is different from other such training-focused getaways in that it aims to counter the many long hours, all the things we omit, cut back on, go without, in pursuit of the sport—with a lot of laughter, a ton of joie de vivre and, to be sure, much wine, and beer, and perhaps a little Tequila. Fundamentally, the camp seeks to provide a comfortable learning environment wherein world class superstars (such as Karen Smyers—the 3 x Ironman World Champ and the only person in the sport to win both the short course and Ironman world championships in the SAME YEAR!) come together with first time racers, and help give insight into the ins and outs of IM Lake Placid and of training and racing in general. Thanks to the incredible Matt Long ( for his support in getting me out there. I had a great time giving a run clinic with fellow pro Logan Franks (who, having just finished his last day as a US Marine the day before, gave campers tips he learned serving in Iraq, on how to survive the heat and lower core body temps). I’m looking forward to seeing many of the crew at the race in July!


An Ironwoman, A Champion, An Inspiration: Karen Smyers

Here we are starting the ride at the Olympic Oval:



Thanks to Chris Draper for the pics and awesome nutrition info!




2 responses to “Fireman Ironman Training

  1. Didn’t Crowie win the short and long course world championship last year?

    • Thanks for raising the question Steve (and for reading!). Actually, remarkably he won the Ironman and 70.3 world champs last year–an outstanding feat! But it wasn’t short course…though I bet he could!

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