Advanced Transition Clinic Recap

The advanced transition clinic went well this year. We had a great enthusiastic bunch turn out who all gave the flying mount a try and while all did not succeed at a perfect mount I think everyone did learn something, including me.

First of all, next year I have to make sure that I let people know that tri bike shoes are very helpful if you want to strap your shoes up while riding. It is possible to do with regular bike shoes, but quite a bit harder. I felt badly about this and should have warned people, but sometimes after doing something for a while you start to take things for granted, like the fact that tri shoes are way easier to put on than regular bike shoes.

Second, there were a couple of minor scrapes, but otherwise I think everyone had a good time and had plenty of time to practice in a same and quiet place (very quiet we were at Mount Pleasant Cemetery). I think every understood the importance of practicing transition by the end of the session, like the saying goes perfect practice makes perfect.

Attached is a picture of the happy crew that came out, they are still smiling despite their minor scrapes.

Thanks to everyone that came out and made it a fun evening.

Mike Medeiros


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