And the Waves are Singing your Praise: Geoffrey Shulman

Today I’m sending out a whole of lot of love to the family of a very special friend who succumbed to a four and a half year battle with cancer. Dr. Geoffrey Shulman and his warmth, infectious smile (and really fast 50s in the pool!!) will be missed immensely. I will never forget Geoff’s return to master’s swimming at the University of Toronto following his initial surgery. It was incredible. Despite a scar that spanned his entire torso, Geoff seemed to recover his speed and agility in the water in a matter of weeks. Although things would eventually become more problematic with the cancer, witnessing Geoff’s fighting spirit, his tenacity, his courage and his superhuman efforts have made me a better athlete and a better person. For this and for his wonderful being I am most grateful. Thank you Geoff–you will be missed but through the many you’ve touched, and through you’re brilliant and talented children, you live on.



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