More Trek Swims

Swimming to the sunrise this AM at Woodbine beach was cold at 66 degrees and probably the roughest conditions I’ve experienced in Lake Ontario yet, so of course that made it an incredible swim! I might have had a moment or two of panic when I couldn’t see my swim partners because the waves were a little high….and because I felt a little sea sick, but that all made it epic. Way to start Labour Day!

While I don’t have pics of the sunrise off Toronto this morning, I realized we were missing a pics of our last Trek Swim Clinic at Cherry Beach led by Mike. The free clinic is a great refresher and opportunity to field many open water swim questions. Triathletes have a lot to think about starting and exiting the swim–at out clinics we can practice the many nuances in a safe and controlled simulated race environment. Also, watching Mike miraculously not put holes in his wetuit despite his less than delicate tug on it, is worth catching.

Mike Teaching

Mike’s Delicate Feet

My coached athlete Christine Wallace just having finished 15th at Long Course World’s–she’s getting a refresher!

Someone has to watch the bikes….



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