How hard should we push ourselves?

Running the final leg of the Victoria Du

Running the final leg of the Victoria Du

It’s been a while since my last post and a lot has gone on since then. I’ve completed my first duathalon of the season, had the big year end 5k event with start to finish (an after school group of 6-10 year olds I volunteer with) and I went on a vacation to London and Paris. Well I’ll focus on the 5k start to finish race. I’ve been volunteering at the Running and Reading Club for that past few months. The club’s focus is to improve kids reading skills and prepare them for a long term challenge of running a 5k race in May, a long way if you are only 6. So every Thursday after school the kids go through a 2 hr routine of running then reading. Well the big 5k race day finally came and everyone was really excited. All the coaches from my school, I’m coach Mike, ran with a group of kids. The start of the race was pandemonium over 600 kids running top speed. I tried to get my kids to pace themselves, which they did. I ran with one little girl the whole way, encouraging her to keep running. Then she started to cry and I wasn’t sure what to do, so I tried to tell her to slow down but keep going. I don’t think she was crying because it hurt, but because she wasn’t doing as well as she would have liked to do. I thought that by pushing her I could teach her the lesson of perseverance and show her how satisfying hard work can feel. I encouraged though whole way and by the end I’m sure she was sorry that I was running with her. I think I pushed her a little too hard because she wasn’t having fun. At the end of the run I felt bad and apologized to Brishna, the little girl I was running with. I was reminded that pushing yourself is important, but that having fun and enjoying the feeling of physical activity is more important. After all, that’s the reason that 99% of us do this anyway for fun.  Thanks for reminding me of this Brishna and sorry being a jerk.


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  1. Mmm great realization and ego check – this is so true; it’s important to have your integral “in the zone”training days, but something I always tell myself is that if I do not smile or laugh at least once during my workout – it is not worth it! I mean, why else do this if it’s not fun, or intended to foster the love for it! I got my grin in this morning’s hard swim when a lane bud splashed me into the pool during my too long procrastination of “putting on my cap” — didn’t want to get in so cold!

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