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August Open Water Swimming in Lake O

Ayesha collecting her award at the LOST swim race.

First of all the final Tri Trek Toronto Event was held in early August and again was well attended and great fun to facilitate. I was happy to introduce open water swimming to new triathletes and non triathletes alike and even happier to acquaint people with swimming in our own backyard hear in TO. Thanks again to our main sponsors the Trek Bicycle Store and Cliff Bars for helping put on these events.

Later in August, I followed up the open waters swim sessions with some open water swimming of my own, The LOST 3.8km swim and the Toronto Island Tri. Both events again involved open water swimming in our own backyard in Lake O. Ayesha won the race of course, see photo above, me I let just say survived the race. The lost swim was the first time I have ever swum a 3.8km race and the conditions were definitely difficult to say the least. The race was a point to point heading west into 3-4 ft waves the whole way. During the race I started to understand why it was called the LOST race, because I felt lost out there. With no real land marks or sense of where I was going I definitely lost it mentally about half way in and gave up, not I was going under give up, but I stopped “racing” and let the feet in front of me go. Fortunately, the lapse was temporary and I caught another pair of feet later and rode those babies all the way in. Definitely much easier to swim behind someone on so many levels. I think that this swim definitely prepared me for the Ironman swim (did I mention I doing Ironman Cozumel), as nothing will seem long after swimming in those conditions.

Some craze people did a 10k race that day! I don’t know how they got through it. The whole experience is something I won’t forget and it gives me a whole new appreciation for what Annaleise Carr did, 52k across Lake O at 14, unbelievable. 


Mike M.