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Mont Tremblant, an exercise in how to handle a tough run.

Brownie from the Ironman Mont Tremblant Banquet

Brownie from the Ironman Mont Tremblant Banquet

Ayesha's brother Njal cheering me on on the bike.

Ayesha’s brother Njal cheering me on on the bike.

Well I finished my second Ironman last Sunday and I’m just starting to feel normal again. It can take while to recovery from an Ironman. The race did not go exactly as I had hoped, but few rarely do as I usually have high expectations.

The swim was good. I had a good start and didn’t get banged up too much. I was able to stay on good feet for most of it, except the end when it got a bit wavy and I started to feel tired and lose form a bit.

The bike was a bit harder than I thought it would be. The hills on Chemin Duplessis took a lot out of me especially the second time around.

By the time the run started I was a bit behind schedule and had to have a great run to make up for it, but after about 10k it was clear that today would not be the day for the run of life, so I slowed down a bit. By the time 30k came around my legs felt like cement and the thought of bailing did cross my mind for a second, but was instantly erased with the realization that Ayesha, my mom, and Ayesha’s parents and brother were waiting for me at the finish line (thanks again for coming to cheer me on, you are so guys are so good to me). I decided to walk a few of the water stations to allow myself to recover a bit. I find that this is a good strategy as you get a good dose of hydration and nutrition while taking a breather at the same time. I also find it physiologically much easier as I only have to convince myself to run to the next water station which is a lot easier than focusing on getting to the finish.

The run of an Ironman can be a struggle, but taking a walk at an aid station can help you keep going and thinking of the people you love waiting for you at the end will bring you to the finish line.

Mike M.

Training through a sickness, not a smart move

Celebrating the finish at Mont Tremblant, I think I was really happy to finally reach the poutine and beer at the finish.

Celebrating the finish at Mont Tremblant, I think I was really happy to finally reach the poutine and beer at the finish.

Last weekend I did the 70.3 Mont Tremblant Ironman. I was a tiring weekend with a lot of driving, but race was great. It was well organized, had good crowd support and the rain stayed away on race day. I great tune up for the Full Ironman I’m planning to do there in August. This Canada Long weekend I was laid up on my back, I had a terrible chest cold. It is really frustrating getting sick when you are preparing for a big race, but there is no sense getting stressed or trying to train through it. It will only delay your recovery and could make things worse if you do and may actually cause you serious harm. Research has shown that strenuous training while sick can increase the chances that the virus can spread to your heart which could lead to serious consequences, up to and including cardiac arrest. That would really put a damper on your training plans. If you just relax and get lots of rest, maybe even see a doctor, it will likely only be a week or less and you’ll back on your training schedule. It might even do you some good to take a week off. So don’t sweat it, relax and you’ll be back at it and training hard before you know it.

Mike M