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Figuring Out the Run

Ayesha and I after the Muskoka 70.3 race

Last weekend I had my best triathlon race every, I won my age group at the Muskoka 1/2 Ironman in Huntsville. Above is a photo of Ayesh and I after a great day at Muskoka. I had a good swim and a solid bike, but what was most surprising is that my run was by far the best I’ve every done on this course and I’ve done it twice before. Why this is really interesting is because I have not been running all the much this season and really have done next to no bricks as I’ve been plagued by my achilles bursitis. It’s wasn’t just a one time fluke either, because in all of the tris I’ve done this year I’ve had solid runs.

So what gives? Is the secret to a great run, not to run train? I don’t think so. Though I haven’t been running all that much, I’ve done more biking than I’ve ever done in preparation for my Ironman in Cozumel. I’ve biked as long as 100 miles in a single training session which I’ve never done before. This is well over the 90km that you need to complete the 1/2 ironman bike. Typically, after a long hard bike I’ve always struggled off the bike with tight quads or calves and eventually I totally seize up or had to slow down to avoid it. Lately, with all those extra bike miles I hardly feel any tightness on the run.

So the takeaway is bike training and especially endurance bike training is key to success on the run. If you want to have a great run off the bike, don’t forget to put in the training time on the bike. Your quads will thank you when it comes time to hit the ground running.